Monday, January 27, 2014

She's 14!

14 years ago today I was in the hospital.  With a brand new baby. My first.

It was snowing, but NOTHING like it has been here the last few days.

I had a perfect baby girl, my first, who cried the entire night because she wouldn't eat.

Crazy stubborn back then too!  :-)

It's been a wild ride these last 14 years.

She's kept us on our toes.

She's tried every sport under the sun, literally.  Basketball, Volleyball, Softball, Track, and Cheerleading.

I'm glad she's settled on Cheerleading.

She's very good at it.

I'm so proud of her.  She's smart and maintains great grades, she's beautiful, inside and out, and she is a loyal friend. 

She can drive me INSANE with her stubbornness, but in the same breath make me laugh uncontrollably.
She has the quirkiest sense of humor, but she is SO FUNNY when she wants to be.

I lucked out getting a daughter like her. 

Happy Birthday Gracie.  We LOVE you!


  1. Great pictures! We think Grace is awesome too!

  2. Wow, does she ever look like you and Grandma Deb!

  3. Grace, you have made our lives so full of joy with your 14yrs of life!! It has been so fun watching you grow up into this silly, energetic, sweet, kind,beautiful, full of life young lady you are today.....God has some amazing plans for your life and I know you will continue to be true to who you are! We love you to the moon & back...hugs....g'ma & g'pa S.

  4. Yikes, I typed a comment here last week from my iphone, but google didn't recognize me and it got lost. Meant to try agin, sorry! I thought this post was awesome! Grace is darling and I'm sorry we're not neighbor friends 'cause Sarah would so love her (and I'd love the great role model)! Congrats to you for raising such a wonderful young lady and HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY GRACE!!! Hope it's a wonderful year!


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