Thursday, January 23, 2014

What we did on a snow day

I can't remember EVER having this much snow or cold since the kids were little, or since I was little for that matter.

We had another day off school today.  Because of frigid temperatures.

Really stinks since this is the year they only built in one snow day instead of three like usual.
All the schools around closed, thinking of the kids that have to walk to school and be exposed to negative temps.

I do enjoy it, but my paycheck does not.

I was up by 7:25, and I wasn't very happy about it.  Brent had left for work, and I couldn't go back to sleep.

It's not that I couldn't leave the house for snow reasons, but I really didn't want to.

I did get some baking done, because the kids requested something sweet.

Took a trip to the post office to mail some etsy items, and encountered a very beautiful, but VERY FRIGID morning.

Even the snow drifts on the ditch looked cold.
I shoveled out the drive with Evan, and put Rudy in the garage on a pile of blankets because it's cold, and he deserves some warmth.
Hung out with Oreo

and had a mini Friends marathon.
I forgot how FUNNY that show used to be.

I even got our tax stuff for the farm, my etsy shop, and our general tax stuff organized and ready for our tax lady.  (God knew I needed some extra time for this!)

It was a relaxing day, and I'm wondering what will happen tomorrow. 
I really can't handle going to school through the first week of June.  We're already up to the 3rd. 


Warm air, wherever you are, can you send some our way?


  1. How funny, I just did a similar post! Glad you got a chance to catch up on business stuff and "Friends!" I finally watched "Julie n Julia." And also baked choc, heath, pecan chip cookies. But really I cook more for the critters during these days! ;-0 Love your landscape pics! Are you using a special phone app? I can feel the cold...
    Stay snug!

  2. The weather has been crazy! We have had 8 snow days so far this year!


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