Sunday, May 4, 2014

Looking around

Spring usually always renews my hope in God.  Not that it's fledgling like that, it just makes me happy to come out of the dry, cold days of winter, and see all the new possibilities.

New growth,

and new babies.

(We're up to about 15 baby lambs, including the triplets we are STILL feeding with bottles 4 times a the way, NOT so cute anymore,) new everything.  I mean, if we didn't have animals who had new babies every spring, I would certainly NOT have these in my kitchen sink!
We are WAY past this time in our lives.

Spring brings me beautiful bouquets of my favorite purple flower when Grace comes back from helping Brent with the sheep and remembers I love these.

Spring, when it's warm enough, brings me outside to take walks with Rudy down our long gravel road.

It reminds me that the time is coming to get my garden planted and to plan ahead for all the canning/freezing I'll do.

Yes, I may grumble when I'm fully in the midst of it, or when my sweet corn is ready the exact week of the County Fair, but we stumble through it, and have plenty to eat from all winter.

My life, as unglamorous as it is, IS MINE, Spring or Summer or Winter, or Fall.


  1. Loved this last line (and pics n post)! That's what I keep reminding myself lately as I scramble to keep up with horse biz, farm n family. Sorry I've kinda disappeared from the blog world. I love my visits here with you and lust after all your shout out picks!

  2. ps - look me up on fb if you want! I'm public tho mostly share family horse biz stuff. ;-) Hoping to finally host a barn sale this month!!! Wish you could come!

  3. The baby bottles in the sink takes me back to another time...:)


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