Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Tuesday's Shout Out #5

Yep, it's Tuesday again.

Can't believe I've been giving a shout out to my fellow Etsy shops for 5 weeks now.

But it's been a great experience. 

I've broadened MY shopping awareness...made some connections...and had a blast browsing through Etsy.com.

You can read my post from last week here (it also has a link to all the rest at the bottom.)

My first new shop shout out reminds me of my past graphic design days. 
I was a graphic designer after college as one of my first jobs, and I LOVED it, but then I moved onto something in another department of the same company, had kids, stayed home, and only dabble in it slightly every once in awhile because I personally don't have the adobe computer design program I used to use.

This lady, Rhianna Wurman is a wonderful graphic designer, and her shop... is adorable.
#1 Ello Lovey  (what a GREAT name!)

Rhianna makes cards, illustrations, and designs in the most beautiful way.

Just check these out.

Very special.  Very unique.  Very reasonable.  I've favorited her shop, and I hope you do too.

If you want some very unique printed finds...THIS is the shop to go to. 

Weathered boards with great sayings, coffee mugs, and other great memorabilia.

Makes me want to find a spot on one of my walls for this very large sign.

This camera sign is also fantastic.
And then this coffee mug...I would use it every day.  This is my favorite saying.

Check it out.  NOW.

#3  Anthology on Main
 If you're looking for the Anthropologie of paper goods, race over to this shop right now.  I'm not kidding.

Katie Lloyd makes the most beautiful book page flowers and wedding pieces I've ever seen.  They are amazing!

Bouquets to toss, bouquets for keeping, wreaths, and much, much more.  Too bad shabby chic wasn't cool 17 years ago when I got married!

She is incredibly crafty and talented. 

#4  A Forest Frolic

Jamie Hargis outdoes herself with her vintage inspirations and whimsical creations. 
Cake toppers, paper pinwheels, and the best mason jar creations I've ever seen.

Well, that's a wrap.  4 new shops to add to your favorites!

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  1. So glad you started this series! Can't wait to check 'em all out. So much prettiness! Thanks!


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