Sunday, June 1, 2014

This is the story of a girl...

That's right, this IS the story of a girl...

who 14 1/2 years ago came into the world on her exact due date.

She made friends, changed some, went back to the old ones, and changed some again.

She played soccer, tried gymnastics, then settled on softball for several years.  Next came volleyball, basketball, and more softball.  She finally settled on cheer, which is her best sport yet!

In school, she got good grades and served on student council from 5th grade all through this year.  

She had crazy birthday parties with themes that kept her mother hopping trying to figure out how to make the cake.  Year after year passed, and she grew older of course, with each year passing faster than the last.

All the way up to now.  The end of 8th grade.

The end of life before High School.

Last Thursday her school had an 8th grade graduation celebration.

There were awards (of which she received a silver key art award for a painting she finished, and an award for honor roll), and diplomas given.  There were refreshments, and MANY, MANY pictures taken.

These are her besties.  The girls who got her through this year as she would tell it. 

They are all beautiful inside and out, and I'm glad she picked them.

Here we go Grace, FRESHMAN YEAR.  Ready or not.

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