Saturday, June 28, 2014

Whoever coined the phrase Man's best friend...

was NOT a liar.

If you love a dog with all your heart and treat him well, he will be your forever companion and unconditional best friend.

Rudy was that, and we all LOVED him with our whole hearts.

Exactly 9 years ago this summer he came to us as a stray, and we took him in when no one claimed him.    He unfortunately left this earth a couple days ago.  He would've been 11. 

Sure, over the years, Rudy and I had our battles.

He would make a giant hole in my flower bed (s)...

I would scold him, he would look sheepish, I would fill the hole back in, only to discover a couple days later he had made another one quite close to the first one and he would look at me without any remorse.  Oh Rudy...

He would greet us in the driveway, EVERYTIME we came home.

It didn't matter if it was Brent or myself, or the kids coming home on the bus.

He did it EVERYDAY, and I miss that so much.  More than I thought I would.

He gave us so much love, and I can only hope he knew how much we loved him.

Every morning, any season, as I left for work, I would roll my window down and tell him I loved him, and I would see him later.  He would be sitting in the wicker chair on the porch, just keeping watch over the place till an amish buggy went by, or a red car drove by (he HATED the color red for some reason.)

He came to us when we needed him the most, when the kids needed to learn at ages 4 and 5, how to care for someone else and take responsibility.

He was the best dog we've ever had, and we will forever compare all others to him.

Grace found him in my garden, just like he had fallen asleep.  I think he was trying to get the last one over on me by laying in my garden. 

Goodbye dear friend.  We miss you so.


  1. Such beautiful pictures. So sorry. It's so hard to loose a pet. They are just like kids for sure.

  2. I'm so sorry for you all! Rudy was an adorable dog and clearly knew he was much loved.


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