Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Tuesday Shout Out #9

I'm squeaking by again, claiming this as my TUESDAY shout out...when it's already 11pm.

But, in my defense, this was my day...mowing the yard by 8:15 ish (it takes about 1 1/2 hours to 2 hours), back inside around 10, laundry, lunch, books that need to be taken to the library, strawberries (2 flats) that need to be bought to put away, and a short trip to Walmart.  Back home, only to get ready for a 4-H picnic/meeting, back around 9pm, and then time to cut up the two flats of strawberries to get in the fridge to be dealt with tomorrow.


At least this morning I planned out WHO I was going to be shouting out today.

So, lets get right to it. 

First, I have a disclaimer...I'm a HUGE fan of re purposing things.  I mean, I've made pillows out of my favorite coats before because the coat got too big, and I LOVED the fabric.   The shops I'm showcasing today, are GREAT examples of re purposing things into something different and letting them have a new life.

I LOVE that.

#1  Upcycled Whimsies.
This is Ashley's shop, and I am totally smitten with it.    She makes fabric banners, and upcycled decor.
She has the BEST things.  Painted frames, quirky owls, and a little bit of everything.

Pop on over and check out all her goodies.

#2  Haven Vintage.
Colleen sells urban industrial wares...and rustic modern country.  She finds things that were once great, and puts a spin on it to make them greater yet.

Paint by number, in a great frame...

and old bottles turned picture holders.
Post this shop to your favorites, then tell someone else.

#3 A Creative Lifestyle
In Jane's shop, she totes the fact that she sells recycled, re purposed, reusable, and renewed items.  They are fantastic, and unique, and you need to jump on over to her site.

Bottles for weddings, 

bobby pins made with old buttons, 
 and my favorite, vintage suitcases.


#4 Timeless 'N Chic
Lastly, this is Courtney's shop.  Re purposed and shabby chic is her game.  And just so you know, I have dips on the very cool lazy susan she has in her shop...

and the wire picture holder...

and the very cool, very industrial light.

Help out a fellow Etsy seller, and check her out.

All these ladies shops are great.  No, fantastic.  I'm proud to have them in my favorites.  In fact, here is the link to with all my etsy favorites in it.

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