Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Tuesday Shout Out #8

Yes, I skipped the shout out last week.

I know. 

I was winding up my last week at work before summer, the yard needed mowed after a day of work...yada, yada, yada.

Life happened. 

So, it's Tuesday again, and I'm off and running.


It will be a run to the feed mill, the library (my favorite!), and a short trip to Walmart.

BUT, I have 6 new shops to share with you this week.

#1 Moxie Thrift
Leah @ Moxie Thrift has got the cutest little shop.  She sells vintage, mid century, retro, and primitive things.  Her exact words.  And she sells them for very reasonable prices. 
If you're looking for a unique item, check her out!

I mean, if you have a game room, or just like games in general, you NEED THIS!

And when you're having your outdoor summer party, you'll need THIS!

And of course, everyone needs an adorable sewing basket.  I have one, but it's green, and it's adorable!
Support Leah and her shop.  You know you want to.

#2 House of Belonging
Oh. my. gosh.  Tiffini at House of Belonging makes the most beautiful things!  Her clothing, her signs, her sayings.  Wonderful.  She has so many great things in her shop...how could you ever choose?  I tried to narrow it down, and chose these items.

Even the way she takes her pictures and displays her products is gorgeous.  Thank you Tiffini for your beautiful items!

#3 Eye Spy Goods
Eclectic collection of vintage goods pretty much sums up this great little shop.

Plus, on top of it all, the prices are great too.

I mean, just look at these great items...

Vintage Shoe Clips...

 Necklaces to die for...

And a fantastic slip that you shouldn't mind peeking out from underneath your skirt.
Go, run, get to this shop.

#4 Little Red Hen & Co.
Missy @ Little Red Hen has unique farmhouse decor for sale.

Hand painted signs, tags for wedding receptions, and much, much more.  Her items are beautiful and unique.

If you LOVE the farmhouse style, look her up, and if you're getting married and styling around that "farmhouse" look, DEFINITELY check out Missy's shop.

Sara's shop sells sweet farmhouse style good as well.  Her shop sells the items I personally want in my own home.

I mean, doesn't everyone need a canning lid wreath...um, yes.
A chalkboard made with a vintage spoon...

and a chick feed pillow for a "chicken farmer."  Perfect.

Sara's prices are also very reasonable, so check her out as well.

and lastly...

To be honest, when I found this shop, the name is what drew me first.  Grace is currently in LOVE with everything cats, so I had to check this shop out.  It did not disappoint.  

It boasts that it sells vintage goods, curiosities, and reclaimed supply goods.  And what great goods it has.

Vintage metal cans...

Vintage Christmas ornaments...

And great vintage animals for those farm collectors out there.
Red cat, I've got your number!

Since I skipped out on last week's post, I'm giving you the link here to the last post I had, complete with the link to my etsy shop favorites.  

Have a great week y'all!

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  1. Lorie,

    I love all the shops you introduced today .. a few I knew but the other's are new to me and I love what they offer .. And thank you so much for giving a shout out for our shop we are so thrilled and honored ! ...

    Looks like I'll be checkingout some new shops today along with your shop... and now I have a new blog to follow too ! .. What a good day this is starting out to be ..

    Have a Lovely Week and again Thank You


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