Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I need an ibuprofen!

What do you call a truck load of duck mulch (for $20 no less)...
a very willing 11 year old with a shovel...
5 flower beds...
two hours of work and 3 ibuprofen?
Well...almost.  One more flower bed to go.  I ran out of mulch.  But then we're done.  Feels good.  


  1. What is duck mulch? Never heard of it manure, if so does it have an odor?

    1. Well, as unpleasant as it is duck poop and sawdust mixed together. It has to be at least a year old to put around your stuff...or it burns it right up! I've seen it. It smells maybe for a couple days, and then it goes away. This batch, I actually can't smell much at all.

  2. Looks luverly! Don't suppose you loan that 11 year old out?? Haha!

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