Sunday, April 29, 2012

Baby oh baby...

The weather has been a little crazy again around here...and we've been scrambling to get all our strawberries and precious plants covered each night when warnings of frost come our way.

We even saw some sleeting rain during Grace's opening softball day on Saturday...
it was a little cold, which I is why I was worried about the girls above and these little ones.
They were born Friday night...the night before the cold, cold rainy and windy day on Saturday.
We had a single born to a new ewe.
And triplets born to a seasoned one.

I guess once a mother always a mother.  I fretted about these little ones all night.  In weather like this...triplets were gonna need a lot of praying to survive.
But they did!  We went out today and they were all bouncing around enjoying life.
The rest of the moms are ready to pop, and they just look plain uncomfortable.  I hope it's over for them soon.
I guess that's what spring is for...crappy weather, and BABIES!


  1. The sweetest pictures! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Your lambs are beautiful. I can't get over this weather. We braved the townwide garage sales in South Whitley on Saturday. I'm sure we got some good deals because of the rain and cold... but I'm longing for that beautiful weather we saw back at the beginning of March. Hopefully we have some of it next weekend, b/c we'll be up in your neck of the woods helping my brother move on Sunday.

  3. you are a trooper (and so is Grace)!! can we come see your lambs sometime soon?? we'll be making a trip sometime so westin can ride around for planting!

  4. We had baby puppies at our house, but the mother got an infection and we lost all but one! Glad you babies are doing good!


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