Sunday, April 15, 2012

A short lived fantasy

When I was all through my high school years, and into college...I dreamed of living in a big city.

Anything other than the tiny little town I grew up in.  I mean, who wanted to live in a town where everyone knew the business of everyone else?

I sure didn't.

The thought of living in a big city was so EXCITING to me, I couldn't think of anything else.  My judgement was cloudy.

Years turned into other years, and I never did make it to the big city, but I sure like to visit it any time I can.

Brent doesn't understand it...but Grace sure does.  And now Evan does too.

It just so happened, that's what we did this weekend, but THIS time it was in all of our interests to "get outa dodge!"

You see, the Detroit Tigers were playing the Chicago White Sox for Opening Weekend and when Brent found this little tidbit of information out...back in February...well, we just HAD to get tickets.  Suddenly the big city was calling his name!

So we did.

We planned to take a ride up on the train, do a little shopping (the kids and I at least...), watch the game, and spend the night in a hotel downtown (something we've NEVER done in all the years we've been going to Chi-town.)

We left early Saturday morning on the train leaving from the South Bend Airport.
We got to Chicago in the morning, and found our hotel...just blocks from the train station.  It was tall, and glass and just plain cool all at the same time.  We were so close to everything!

We did a little shopping, and ate lunch at our standard spot...can't go to Chicago and not eat deep dish pizza, right?
The game was great...we even got free hats when we went in the gate...

White Sox won!  Brent was highly disappointed about that!

Then we went back to the hotel, found a PF Changs for supper, and the kids went swimming.

I stayed in the room and watched the cable TV we don't have at home.

This morning found us eating the hotel complimentary breakfast at 7:30am, then swimming again, doing a little shopping...and heading back on the train to South Bend.  I even got to visit my favorite store..Anthropologie...before we boarded.

We had a great weekend.  I'm ready to do it again...maybe in a couple of months.


  1. What a wonderful trip! It sounds perfect -except the White Sox hats, ewww ;).

    I too grew up always wanting to leave my little home town to live in the big city, and have since lived in towns and cities of all sizes. Now that we are in a bigger city, I wonder if my kids will want to leave for something bigger, or will they long for something smaller, more personal, easier to get around during rush hour :)?

    I think of how much you love Anthropologie every time I get to go :)

  2. Sadly as close as we live to Chicago - I've never been. I've been up to Michigan City several times for outlet mall shopping - so I've see the Chicago skyline. Maybe I should make that a must do for hubby and I this summer.

  3. Sounds like a fabulous trip for everyone to the big city! And fitting in Anthro? LOVE that store...


    PS That "Chicago" sign picture is frame worthy :)

  4. I think it would be so fun to take off on a train for a big city some week-end. No trains around here.

  5. I love Chicago, and my boys and hubby love Detroit. We should have taken up the game, too! Glad you had fun!

  6. Sounds like a great weekend. I love visiting big cities too...but I know I wouldn't want to live in one.
    My mum would be so envious of your Anthro visit...the closest one to us is a 2 hour plane ride away!


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