Friday, June 8, 2012

A place for my valuables...

So, since I'm a little slow on the draw, I'm joining a linky party that started YESTERDAY.

I know.

It's alright though.

I got something nice outa the deal.

About 4 or 5 months ago, I picked up this baby at Goodwill for around $3.

It's a jewelry box, even though it looks a little like the old fashioned silverware boxes.

I needed a bigger one than the one I currently have.  NOT that I have a ton of expensive jewelry, but I have alot of costume stuff, and pins and cool rings.

The inside looks like this.

I liked that there were so many different compartments so things wouldn't get all tangled up together.

I also liked the vintage look of it, but knew I could "fix it up" a bit too.

Finally, today, I got around to it.

I pulled out some of my favorite scrapbook paper from October Afternoon.

and some of their embellishments as well.

The old fashioned cards cracked me up.  They were titled, Work at Home, and All the things I've wanted to dye...

I also got out my favorite distressing ink...

and went to town distressing all the papers edges after I had cut them to size.

I just mod podged everything right onto the jewelry box.  It went on like a charm.

I've can pretty much use mod podge to adhere and seal anything.  Even fabric.

The finished product is great.  I really like it.

So, I'm linking it up to The Vintage Farmhouse's Thursday linky party.

click here to go there.

Come see me and find some other great ideas too.

Happy Weekend.

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