Friday, September 14, 2012

Back to Life...Back to Reality

Yes, I know often my post titles are song lyrics.

Sometimes they just run through my mind.

They did when I thought of the subject of the blog post tonight.

You see, we just came from our school's Homecoming celebration.

We won the game, (I'm pretty, I KNOW we did...) I talked to alot of people, so I honestly have to say, I only saw the highlights of the game, not the whole thing...

But it was Homecoming.  There was a Princess, Prince, King, and Queen crowned.

21 years ago, I was one of those crowned.  Queen.  It was the highlight of my senior year.

To this day, my husband STILL thinks that because he married a "Queen", he can be a "King."  Yeah, it doesn't work that way!  (Just look at Queen Elizabeth and her husband...he's only a Prince Consort!)

Ok, back to was a perfect weather night for a football game.  And Homecoming is a big dealio each year.

They had a local sky diving team fly by and skydive the game ball down onto the field before the start of the game.

Then there was a tunnel on the field for the players to run through.

Grace (2nd from right) and her friends made a brief appearance at the end of the night for the fireworks AFTER the game.

Evan had a good time...playing football with his friends and then coming back to check in with us every once in awhile.

It was a good night.  

It's always fun to go.

I'm always glad we went.

Do you go to your school's Homecoming festivities?


  1. Loved reading this....but darnnit since Doug was crowned king I am not a Queen???? Lol...nice seeing you there

  2. This would be interesting... since we (my husband and I) went to rival high schools! ;)


  3. Very fun! My husband and I both graduated from the same school. It's 1500 miles away so we miss all of the homecoming fun.

    Awesome fireworks!! I love hs football games.


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