Tuesday, September 18, 2012


I was going to post about a small project I completed the other day...

except I didn't QUITE complete it, because I ran out of one of my supplies.

Which is why I didn't post about it, because I will tomorrow.

After Evan got home on the bus today and he completed his chores...we headed to town.

Still sounds weird to say "Headed to Town," like I'm Laura Ingalls Wilder or something, but that's kinda true.  With gas at almost $4/gallon, and us living not as close to town as is convenient, I try to group all my trips/errands in the same day/time.

Grace had a Junior High Extravaganza after school today.  They all met in the cafeteria after school, finished their homework, had a free supper, got in free to the Junior High girls Volleyball game, or Junior High boys football games, and just had time to have fun.

So, my trusty companion and I headed to Goodwill, Walmart, out to supper, and Menards.
I couldn't ask for a better companion.  He wasn't too crazy about the Goodwill stop, but when promised supper, quickly got over it.

I got my supplies stocked up to finish my project, got some groceries for supper with friends this weekend, and got me some great Goodwill finds.

We picked up Grace at 8pm.  She was bummed she didn't get to stay longer, but we had things to do before bed at home.  

It was a good night.  We leisurely strolled through the stores killing time before we picked up Grace.

It was nice just me and Ev.  We need to do it more often.

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  1. I miss those kinds of days... or nights. They go by in a flash... now I'm kind of lonely at the grocery store... or Michaels... or the mall.... sigh. I guess I'll have to hold out for the next generation to shop with me :)



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