Monday, September 24, 2012

Hello Monday

This one post a week deal has got to stop.

I realize I have a problem.

I'm linking up today to Lisa Leonard's Hello Monday series.

She's so cool.  She has the funkiest hair and the coolest jewelry.

So, without further ado...Hello Monday.

Hello impromptu pancakes made for an impromptu sleepover that happened this weekend.
You may be VERY strange looking, and oddly shaped, but tasty none the less.

Hello CRAZY cat Oreo  who thinks every box/basket is her perfect place to lay.
Glad I finally put away my produce getting from the garden basket away for the season.

Hello crazy picture of old fashioned ladies dancing in their bathing suits.
It currently resides in my downstairs bathroom where I have strangely adapted the theme "old fashioned people in bathing suits."  I don't know why, it just happened.

Hello lonely Andy Warhol tomato soup can from the best store ever...Target.
Once my family helps me eat the other 2 cans worth of soup, they will hold flowers from the garden on my windowsill.
Hello cozy quilt I made out of some of my favorite fabrics, and some pieces of an antique quilt my great grandmother made.
I have been cozying up here alot lately with the cooler weather.

Hello crazy juxtaposition of a display case that was hastily put up on the wall with some silly things.
You kinda look ok if you don't look too closely.

Hello fall display I threw together after I purchased the great chippy metal drawer thingy at my local fall festival a week ago.
And lastly, hello to the constant comics Evan puts in my life.  
He draws like a mad fiend, which I LOVE, and this one is about two opposing cans of soda.

Hilarious.  You've gotta meet this kid!

So, Hello Monday everyone.  Meet me over here at Lisa's and check out everyone else's Monday.

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  1. The soup can is on my must-purchase list. I love your cozy home!


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