Monday, September 10, 2012

Monday Monday

Sometimes Mondays are just ho hum.

I'm not sayin' mine was fantastic, but it wasn't all bad.

Since I have a new job and I am totally IN LOVE with it, everyday of the week is much better.

It actually flew by for me today.

I had a lot of paper work to do at the office.

I also decided I needed to brush up on my instagram skills since I'm totally new to it, but want to love it all the same.

I want to learn how to edit my pics, and do all the cool stuff with them that I see others doing.

I want to love my new android phone.

But who has the time?

So, without further are some pics.

Some new pillows I made for our couch when I wasn't making them for my etsy store.

Grace doing pretty much what she does whenever she finishes her homework...
My favorite corner of the living room..
The vintage looking juice container I found at Goodwill, but which I use for a flower vase instead...
My new magnetic "bulletin board" that I found at a flea market this summer, but which I've embellished a little bit...
And lastly, our new favorite drink...plain water filled with lemons.  I can hardly drink plain water anymore...

So that's my Monday in a nutshell.

Was yours good?

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