Thursday, January 10, 2013

The things that RILE me UP

Before I begin, I have to state some disclaimers.

1.  I am NOT a political follower.  (Brent leaves that up to himself to be in charge of all the listening to Rush, etc.  Then he painstakenly tells me all about what is going on.)

2.  I am trying to be compassionate.

3.  I work hard to have a family budget in place so we are Okay.

4.  I am not a person who would have a public confrontation.

Those of you who follow me, or just read me on a once-in-awhile basis, I will not be offended if you are offended about what I have to write.  I do not want my one time rant to come between us. 

That being said, are you wondering what I'm going to talk about?

GROCERIES and food stamps.

This has happened to me twice in two different grocery stores in the last month and a half.

I have been stuck behind someone paying for their cartload (and I'm talking HEAPING) of groceries with a food stamp card.

Now, let's just say, I have nothing against people buying food with food stamps, IF they are supposed to be in the system, and if they are not abusing the system.

I don't know from this day to the next if we would ever be in the situation that we needed to be on food stamps.  I can't say that, but I hope and pray that I've prepared our budget enough over the years that we would be ok. 

Anyway, the first instance occurred before Christmas.  The woman in front of me had two older high school children, two preschool/early elem. children, and one baby with her.  Her cart was OVERFLOWING.  I think there was actually two carts involved with the food gathering that she had.  She paid for her entire order with food stamps.  I know this for a fact because the cashier was asking her about it.  Almost all the food in her cart was the "real deal," no store brands involved.

Her two older children were both dressed in top to bottom Abercrombie attire and both had their cell phones out texting.

Now, I know for a fact how much those clothes cost.  My daughter begs me for them, but we only buy them at Goodwill, a resale shop, or on clearance, and STILL they are slightly overpriced.  I also know how much my cell phone bill is for just Grace and I, so I can't imagine what they might be paying.

I stood behind this lady, with my cart 1/4 of the way full, and wondering, hoping I would come in under my $100-$120/week budget for groceries, and paper products. 

I felt very unChristian for thinking the thoughts I was thinking,  I felt my blood boiling for being so upset at the Government our country has to be giving all these people SO MUCH FOOD that I HAVE TO PAY FOR MYSELF.

I couldn't help myself, and told Brent all about it when I got home.

He shook his head in resignation, knowing full well what I was feeling.

Then, two nights ago I was in a different grocery store with my kids, when I had another encounter.

The very young woman in front of me had a cart OVERFLOWING with groceries.  She was young, no kids, classy clothes, and she obviously knew the cashier because they were talking about mutual people they knew.  She didn't have a job, and said so, and she was thinking of finishing up college.

I unloaded my groceries on the belt, thinking it would be a quick transaction since the lady in front of me was almost done being checked out.

I was wrong.  I stood behind her for at least 10 or 15 minutes while she ranted and raved to the cashier when her total order came up to $5 and change.  She ranted and raved that her food stamp account had $200 in it, and she paid for her makeup, etc. with gift cards...SHE SHOULD OWE NOTHING!

They called a manager over, who went over her receipt with a fine tooth comb, and finally found that her gift cards hadn't totalled up to what she thought was on them.

She walked away with an overflowing cart for nothing.

Once again, I had a $100 budget with a 1/4 of the cart full.

I HATE feeling like we are sinking in this world who gives SO MANY people things for free.

I HATE complaining about this, but I'm running into this more and more all the time. 

THIS is what our generation is coming to.

NOT people who work to support their families, and who try to follow a budget.

It's sickening.

It's sad.

And now it's commonplace.

I know I am no better than those people with food stamps.  I'm not.

I even researched it all online this morning, but what I found the strangest was that when I searched government regulation of food stamps, I couldn't find how the government was checking on those who maybe get a job to cover their food needs, or who in other ways are abusing the system.

After venting, I'm feeling slightly better, but only a little.

Feel free to disagree.  Feel free to yell at your screen.  Feel free to not read me for awhile.

I promise not to post things like this really ever.

I will act like it's not happening in our world while I show you how to make crafts or what Pinterest boards I have.

I will struggle to cut out $15 more a week out of my budget cause that's how much my husband's check went down from higher Social Security taxes.

I will plant more in my garden this year, and put more away, although I can't imagine where I will put it.

I will still be who I am.  I will still love the Lord, and Brent and I will raise our kids with that in mind.

But I can't promise that I will go to the grocery store and come home happy about it.

What about you?


  1. I know what you mean. There is SO much waste. I knew a student family on food stamps they had two small kids and were given 700.00 per month for food! That's more than I can spend. I'm all for helping those in need, but hate the abusers of the system.

    Today I bought a pan handler holdin an "I'm hungry" sign a jimmy john's sand which. I watched him toss it in the bushes as I drove off! I just want to help those who need it! I feel like there are so many who take advantage.

  2. Don't even get me started about this! Reading your post got me all fired up ...again! I don't grocery shop anymore...for this reason! Please, and I agree with everthing you've said! What can we do...I am steaming!

  3. I can understand how you feel. It is hard making ends meet and then always having more taken out from our checks for something. I agree that some people really know how to use and abuse the system. But they aren't all like that. My son (adopted) gets food stamps. He is and always has been disabled.....developmentally. He is also on SSI. He gets $200 a month in food stamps. It doesn't cover any paper products or cleaning supplies like soap. His SSI only covers his rent and utilities with nothing left over. We are just thankful that he can live on his own even if we have to chip in alot. We couldn't possibly pay for it all without help. I am sure when people see him with his cart load they might think the same. He looks pretty normal. Not saying this to make you feel bad.....because I do get what you are saying. I really do. I just wish those that could really use the help could get it and the others that abuse it didn't.
    The clothes and the cell phones would make me furious as well. My son hasn't had new clothes or shoes forever. he doesn't have a cell phone either. The person that commented before me that gave the person a sandwich and they threw it rude. Gosh, wish we could fix this somehow.

  4. I think about the fact that I can't do much about the problem. But still, every person or family that seeks to be self reliant and works hard to not rely on the government should be proud of that. Every little bit helps to protect our freedoms. Hard work matters for the example is sets, for our own sense of self worth, for the impact we leave on the world for this generation and the future. I really believe that every little thing we do matters somehow. Even though we can't always see it! Thank you for being a hard working family even when it seems unfair! There are many of us who are encouraged by it and appreciate it! We choose to live as debt free and simply as possible too so you are not alone!!!


  5. I understand how you feel. I actually work in a local community college in the financial aid office... believe me between the waste by students AND the waste by this college/state workers/state government it makes me pretty jaded.


  6. I understand your frustration, but it's really easy for us to ASSUME many factors and judge others on what we perceive to be true. But nobody can know our financial situations like we know them. It is possible the first woman's children got their Abercrombie clothing from Goodwill like your kids do. And it's possible she hadn't gone grocery shopping for a long while which explains the amount of things in her cart.
    My mother is on disability and cannot physically work. She worked 3 jobs at one point while she was trying to raise me and my two sisters. She now has to rely on government funds to eat each day and she is ashamed of it. She hates that this is her situation and is not proud to swipe her EBT card each week. But right now it is helping her stay alive.
    I think before we jump to conclusion about others' lives we should just make sure we have ours in check. We don't know the strangers we run into at grocery stores as much as we try to paint our own pictures of them.
    With all that said, I know it's frustrating to see what we think we see, and yes many people do abuse the system. And those people give a bad rep to the ones who are NOT abusing it.


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