Thursday, January 3, 2013

It's what we do

Flower Patch Farm Girl (my idol and blog crush) has Money Shot Mondays whenever she feels like it...

The Pleated Poppy has What I Wore Wednesdays...(link on my sidebar) and Lisa Leonard has Hello Mondays (link on my sidebar).

I don't have a certain day that I do something special on the blog.

Maybe I should.

Today, I took the kids to the Mall 45 minutes away because they had hard earned and saved up allowance money to burn, and wanted to shop.

First we had to stop at the Post Office (to send out AGAIN another Verizon Wireless phone..don't even get me started on what we've been dealing with with our cell carrier lately...), the bank, the gas station, the Library (to return things), Target (for Evan to buy his first Ipod Touch), and Game Stop (to trade in games of course.)

THEN we headed to the Mall.

Our first refuel.

At Chick-fil-A.  (The kid's pick...not necessarily mine.)
They thought it was funny to get Franklin books in their kids meals.
I remember when they used to like Franklin...

After lunch, Grace and my favorite shop...Forever 21.  You can get the BEST jewelry for so cheap, and Grace usually finds cute clothes cause she's so little.
One of my buys...a "diamond" ring that I only wish was real.
The Apple store was next.  When you have a boy and a girl and you are shopping at a mall, you have to even out the stores or someone is not happy.  This is often the case...

Mom was next.  I wanted to visit the new J Crew that wasn't open at Thanksgiving.  My dream necklace awaited me inside the door.
The rest of the prices...we're so nice to me.  So we moved on.

I think we headed to American Eagle next.  Another compromise between Grace and I.

We each scored some marked down already clearanced items.

I've wanted a plaid shirt to wear under things and I finally found one for only $14.  Score.
Grace made a killing with her buys...Evan was super pleased with his traded-in game from Game Stop, and his new Ipod Touch (last year's version).

On the way home...Meijer.  We needed groceries and that is never fun!

We have 3 more days of break before we go back to school and work.
As always, I have mixed emotions because I never seem to have enough time to get my to-do list finished.

I still have three more days though...much coffee will be drunk, and a lot of work will be accomplished.  I might just make it!


  1. My kids still love the Franklin books! It's sad to think that the day will come when they are too cool for him. :) Sounds like you had a fun day!!

  2. ha! kels, i was just thinking the same thing....sadie was stoked today when there was a Franklin book in her kids meal. which is why it should be no surprise your kids think they're lame, lori! :)

  3. Hmmmm need to make a trip to Chick Fil A - WeeMan would be thrilled with a Franklin book and we've been doing great with not eating out. Do you go to the mall in South Bend or Goshen? I've been to the South Bend mall once when we went to visit my brother. I'm loving those bubble necklaces - just haven't' found one for the right price yet.


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