Saturday, January 19, 2013

Trying something new

How often do we try something new?

Something that might scare us a little...something we weren't planning on.

For me, it was a new job this year.

For Grace, it was a new sport.  One she never contemplated doing.

You know, the first year of junior high is bad enough.  New building, new kids, new teachers, harder subjects.  It's rough.

Then you throw sports into the mix.  The competition, the tryouts, the disappointment.

Up until this point, Grace has played softball, basketball, volleyball, and gymnastics.

So, when Junior High volleyball tryouts came around, she just took it as second nature that she would be on the team.  I mean, she played for two years, and was on a traveling team, WHY wouldn't she make it.

Add other girls from the two other elementary's that join into our Junior High, and only a team of 13 girls, and someone is gonna be heartbroken.

Unfortunately, Grace wasn't picked.  The competition is THAT good, and our High School boasts a State competing team almost every year.

She was heartbroken, but not quite down for the count.

She missed the first round of cheerleading tryouts, due to volleyball tryouts, but made it for the winter season, boys basketball.

She tried out, and made the squad, and now it's become her favorite.

AND, she's GOOD at it.

She's made new friends, and come out of her shell a little bit.

She tried something new, and succeeded, and decided that along with track this spring, Cheer will be her sport.

I'm proud of her, and we tell her that weekly when another game comes around.

Good for you Grace!  Season well done!

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  1. I'm very impressed ~ by ALL the new things your family does. Way to go after new adventures Grace! Lori, she looks just like you - so pretty! I want to be the kind of mom who supports her kids interests and drives them all around... I'm not sure I will be tho. The farm and my lesson schedule (everyone wants to ride after school n weekends, right?) make it so hard for me to get away during those hours. Sometimes I feel so selfish. I pray that the benefits of the lifestyle we are providing (n great comaraderie w/my awesome clients too) will help offset the limitations. YOU with your beautiful jewelry and shop on top of new job... BRAVO! I must get my farm shop set up. My attic is busting w/treasures but I'm intimidated (and exhausted). I'm also impressed that you made a grownup getaway happen. Sounds like the new year is off to a fantastic start. You are always inspiring!


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