Sunday, January 6, 2013

Time of our lives

We have a set of friends, Ryan and Kristin, who we LOVE to hang around with, but our busy schedules often get in the way.

It's unfortunate.

We have two kids each who are close to the same age.

We are in swine club together, and share alot of the same interests.

Last night we had what you'd call a date night...but with ALL the kids.

We went out to eat pizza, and then went bowling.

It was really fun.

It's silly, but each time we're together it takes the kids half the night till they start talking, and then they have so much fun, they forget why they were shy with each other in the first place.

ANYway, the was great.  More fun than I remembered.  When we were finished, and ready to leave, they turned off the lights and bowled in the dark with strobe lights...we're doing that the next time!

As usual, my score was the lowest, which means I lost.    Which means I also stink!  But it was fun anyway.

Grace dug the shoes...

I dug all the colorful bowling balls.

After bowling, we went back to their house to play a new game.  It was great.  We left at midnight and vowed to do it again really soon.

Or whenever we can fit it in.

We have great friends.  Thanks Ryan and Kristin!


  1. We have friends like that too. It's such a blessing to be able to make time to spend with them.

  2. We have a couple friends like this too and it is HARD to get together but pizza and bowling sounds fun!


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