Sunday, March 10, 2013

A "Hopefully" Spring Repeat

Yesterday I finally took my "winter" wreath off the door.

The warm warmer air was telling me to.

I pulled out my favorite wreath from storage in the basement, and realized over the last couple years, my favorite fabric "roses" were quite faded.

I took them off, and turned them over, and they were good as new.

Since this is one of my favorite crafts I've ever done, and since I will be making plenty of these to sell at our craft booth this summer, I thought I would revive one of my past posts.

The original post can be found here.

Here is the part showing how I made this little cutie...

So, the other night, I bought another trusty foam circle, and began dreaming.

I checked out "Spring wreath" and "Burlap wreath" on (If you haven't perused this site ladies, you MUST. Every idea known to man is out there.)

I came up with some of these beauties.... (first one found here)

burlap wreath found here

There were hundreds more, but I liked these the best by far.

They gave me an idea, which is what I needed in the first place.

I already had the burlapy material, and the fabric, and some ribbon, I just needed it to all come together.

So, last night, I got to work.

I got out the supplies, and started ripping the burlap into strips.

Then I started wrapping and hot gluing.

Leaving plenty of fraying as I went.

Until it was totally wrapped.

Next I started making the rosettes I wanted all over the wreath.

First you tie a knot in the middle of whatever length of material you are using...

and twist the sides together (ignore the short stubby hands here. They were never intended to be hand models!)

Then just wrap the material around the knot, hot gluing all the time...

(try NOT to burn yourself like I did about 100 times!)

You'll end up with something like this.

I did this with all the material I wanted to incorporate, and I used ALL colors since Spring IS all colors!

I kept going until it looked like this. I just used my sewing pins to pin all the rosettes on.

I hung it on the door and realized it needed something else, so I added some crocheted ribbon that I had. I think it finished it out nicely. Total cost for the wreath, considering I had everything but the foam circle...$4.99!

My door looks a lot less naked/bland. Except for those numbers on the door, representing our address. Brent tells me they remind him of a prison number. I agree a little. It didn't come out really as I intended last fall, but I have some ideas.

Now, the wreath is the same, but the door is missing the "prison style" numbers that my husband hated.

Don't you want to go out and make your "own" wreath.


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