Friday, March 29, 2013


Yesterday I had a couple hours to kill after work until I picked Grace up at track practice.

It doesn't happen often that I'm alone.

I went uptown with a purpose, but it turned into a relaxing jaunt.

There is a second hand shop that I sell our clothes too, and I wanted to check my account and see if I had any money in it.

I headed up there, and got swept away by the general "cuteness" of the downtown.

There is a whole alley of "creative graffiti."

Cool old fashioned lighting, and ruby red benches.
If I would've had time, I would've stopped by the second hand bookstore, but I got to looking at clothes, and ran out of time before I had to trek to the other side of town to get Grace.

It was a refreshing time alone. 

It needs to happen more often!

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