Sunday, March 17, 2013

So NOT my thing

So, Grace started track on Friday this past week.

She spent the night at her friend's house, so I didn't see her till Saturday, and she cracked me up with her tales of woe.

Her body HURT so bad, could I push her to a standing position from the couch.  I'm pretty sure I heard "Help me Mamma!"  A couple times, if not more this weekend.

Her legs COULDN'T BEND, could I help her up.

Hilarious.  The girl had me in stitches the whole weekend.

Apparently track practice is a whole lot different than cheerleading practice.

Works different muscles or something.  :-)

So, today it shocked me when she told us at lunch that she was gonna go running down our road today.

Yeah, if I haven't already said, we live on a 2 mile (or more, I'm not really sure) stretch of dirt road that no one other than the 6 of us who live on it, use.  So, it's pretty safe to run down, or walk, or ride bike.

I told her I would walk with her.  NOT RUN.  WALK.  I HATE running.  I mean literally, HATE running.

So, I walked while she ran up ahead of me.

Rudy and I walked, in the sunshine (hello's been awhile sun...), and in the crisp almost spring air.

Well, Rudy would sometimes walk beside me, most mostly run ahead and turn around and wait for me, then run ahead again.  He was SO HAPPY we were taking him for a walk.

Crazy dog.

It was so great to see the blue sky and clouds again.  It really has been the most depressing winter.
As you can see, Grace lapped me...but that's ok.  I was happy being outside, listening to my tunes, and taking a walk.

And for as much as my 13 year old can exasperate me, she can also bring me to my knees frequently with laughter.  She really is quite funny.

Oh, and she loves getting her picture taken, when its HER idea.

 I can't tell you how much the sunshine did for my soul today.

I WILL be able to make it until warmer weather...I hope.
I'm itching to get my hands in the soil.  Hopefully in a week and a half when it's spring break, I can at least get my flower beds cleaned out and ready.

I'm crossing my fingers!

Hope you enjoyed the sun today.


  1. Way to go Gracie!!! I can only imagine how sore you are after the first week of practice...and you are more in shape than I will ever be....I bet your Aunt Jen could give you some tips & crazy stories of her Fairfield Jr/Sr yrs of track too. Hang in there....the warmer weather will put you more in the spirit & maybe your bro will challenge you to a race to the corner. Watch out for the big rocks, they do a number on the feet & a wipe out is not very pretty.....Enjoy the run!! :)

  2. It looks like you had some fabulous weather for your walk! I admire your daughter's energy... I think that's one thing I miss most about my kids living at home was the "energy" in the house :) Here's to the first day of spring (hopefully) tomorrow!


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  4. Hang in there Grace. The soreness will fade. Take lots of Tylenol and rest when you can. So proud of you for pushing through the pain! You are a rock star!


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