Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday Five

I have traded one teenage girl for 5 -12 year old boys...doesn't seem even does it?

After track practice, Grace went home to spend the night with a couple of her BFF's and Evan is having his friends over for a belated birthday party.

He turned 12 this past Tuesday.

Three of them are spending the night.

It might get loud., so to escape, I'm picking my first 5 favorites from my feed today.

This makes me want to buy a house by the sea.    The muted colors are just beautiful.

Just proves all you need to do to any 'ol jar is add some cute paper and a ribbon or twine in this case.  Easy.

My love affair with Coach bags continues.  I don't actually own one because of the price...but I can dream can't I?

This and it's twin would be perfect hanging over the enamel topped table I use as my kitchen island.

and lastly...

I've been doing a lot of dreaming of how I want my new patio out back to look.  I have a table similar to this, only some chairs.

So, what are your 5 favorite things?

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