Sunday, May 12, 2013

My last 7 pins


I've had a good day so far, and I've had some quiet time to get crafty, and just watch some's been refreshing.

I wanted to share my last 7 pins on, varied as they are.

One made me laugh out loud...
(cause we have a cat who would do this...)

one gave me a good idea for a craft.
One reminded me of the flowers my husband brought back for me when he went to check on our sheep at another pasture...they are wafting their sweet aroma all through the house (and they are some of my favorites)
One is a project I'd like to make for Grace since EVERY pair of shorts for a teenage girl are inappropriately short!
One is a supper I might make this week...(website listed at the bottom of the picture)
And the last two...things I think, "Duh, why didn't I think of these sooner?"

(foam board covered with shelf paper to put on wire shelving)
 (baby oil to shave with to make your legs smoother, get a closer shave, and help your razor to last longer.)
Now, all these pins aren't extraordinary to everyone, but they mean something to me.

Go out and pin something for yourself!

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  1. Love that foamcore idea to cover up wire shelves! I actually used foamcore covered with self stick wrapping paper (hallmark used to sell it) to put in the fronts of wire baskets in my linen closet. I was trying to hide all that stuff like extra shampoo, q-tips, bottles of vitamins, etc. that we keep in there.

    And I LOVE that book idea! How cute is that!

    Hope your Mother's Day was fabulous,


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