Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Tried and ???

These past three days, my cousins and I tried something very different for us...

We bought a booth at our local flea market, and sold the crafts we've been working on for months.

We had a cute booth with great stuff if I do say so myself!  And our display rocked!

BUT, Memorial Day, which was supposed to be the busiest day of the year...turned out to be terrible.  It rained the ENTIRE DAY and hardly even made it to 60 degrees.

We didn't sell much.  It was a bummer.

I had to go back to work for the next two days, so my cousin ran the booth herself, and the second day turned out to be not much greater than the first.  Again, rain, and slow traffic.

But just look at how cute everything is!  We had a mix of things we made ourselves, and antique vintage things, and adorable onesies that my cousin with a brand new baby made.

I would've bought everything in our booth if I was the one visiting it.

We had the best "booth" neighbors too...a retired couple who were very interesting and super nice.

It made the VERY SLOW day on Monday go quicker with them beside us to talk to.

As it is, we will be at the same flea market for 3 days in July, 3 days in Aug, and 3 days in Sept.

I hope it is better...I hope we sell out...that would be an accomplishment.

The things I have left over will go in my etsy shop...except for the larger things that would be very expensive to ship.

We gave it a try...I guess we can slap ourselves on the back for that!


  1. Thanks for showing the display. It all looks great to me! I'm betting when the weather cooperates, you'll sell out!

  2. So sorry bout the weather! Im sure the next one will be better. Id buy it all (good thing I wasnt there)! Your booth looked beautiful!!! I hope to post a ton soon on all our craziness...


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