Saturday, May 4, 2013

A little of this and a little of that

I usually always upload my camera and "clear" it out after each event that I'm taking pictures for.  It makes it easier.

I used to carry my point and shoot camera around in my purse, which made it so much more convenient to take pictures, but now that I have a bigger camera with a large lens, I don't carry it with me anymore.

I LOVE my new camera, but it's big.

This afternoon I decided to upload what I had on the camera.  I had 87 pictures.  Ugh.

So, here are some snippets of our life from the last 5 months.

We've had:

2 birthdays
a late season snow
the start of jr. high track
a field trip to Chicago
4-H pigs
warm open window weather
a new trampoline so generously purchased by my parents

It's been busy, but good!

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  1. I meant to comment on this one weeks ago! I really had to laugh when you said 87 pictures of what I think is a lot of things to take pictures of and 87 isn't so many... in fact I just took 118 pictures of a field of dandelions! Really! THAT is what I love about digital camera :)



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