Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Where would we be in the world without followers? We have trend setters, sure, but they wouldn't be trend setters without the followers, right? There are definitely people who lead, and people who follow.
There would be different times in my life that I've done both. My husband would say I TRY to be the leader....ALL the time. I would say, I'm not comfortable being the leader, I'd rather be the follower. This year has really been a growing year for me. I am the president of the PTO and the chairperson for our school's fish fry. I've had to get up in front of people and talk, assign people to certain tasks, make uncomfortable phone calls, etc. It's not been easy for me, but it's helped me be a little more assertive.
I'm seeing both leading and following tendencies in my children. We're starting to get into the peer pressure years. We're still on the early cusp of that, but I sometimes feel it's effects.
Just look at Grace.

She's a sweet natured girl, but I'm still not sure about her. When I see her at home, I would say she's a leader. She definitely likes to boss her brother around! I'm also told by some people I work with that she's a leader. She has alot of friends (about 9 girls have stayed together since kindergarten), who like to follow what she does, but when we go out to a store and see one of her best friends that she's known for years, she hardly speaks to them and acts like she's the shyest girl on the planet.
We're also hot and heavy into the "fashion trend" years. I never understood how this must've drove my mother crazy when I was doing the same thing. (Sorry Mom!) She had to deal with the 80's and the GIANT hair, and the neon colors, and the leg warmers. Heaven forbid....the legwarmers!
We're dealing with

peace signs on clothing, shoes, etc. We're also dealing with cell phones and the technological age that I wasn't in on. My 4th grader wants a cell phone BADLY! She claims ALL her friends have one. I try to reason with her and tell her, "You don't know many people other than your parents, so who would you call?" This is an argument that comes up about once a month. It's already getting old.

Then there's Evan.

My sweet boy who only really cares about Sonic and the color blue. He's not a trendsetter, he's a follower, and I hope this suits him well in life and he doesn't feel trampled on...ever.

Let's see, where was I going with this post? I didn't intend for it to get so deep. I really wanted to just say to the 15 followers on my blog....THANK YOU. Everytime I see that number go up I get chills. For all the rest of you who may read my blog, sign up to be a's really an ego boost. Someone out there really is reading what I say! You all make me feel so special!

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