Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sometimes you just can't fight it

Story of my life.

A couple Sundays ago in church, our pastor announced near the end of the service that it was the first Sunday of Lent.

I was a little surprised. I hadn't seen it marked in the bulletin, and I guess I just couldn't believe we were already that close to Easter.

He proceeded to say that the ushers were going to be passing out pink pieces of paper, and on those, if we wanted, we were to write something that we would want to give up for Lent. Then, we would bring them down to the front of the church and place them in 1 of 3 vases, and the pastors would pray over these things for the course of Lent.

Now, I know all about Lent, but I've never been one to "give something up" for the duration.

However, that morning, I was "feeling the fire within" and decided to write, not one thing on the little pink piece of paper, but two things. I wrote, and if you know me at all these were the two hardest things for me to give up, late night snacking and chocolate!

You see, I grew up a Sommers. In the Sommers family, chocolate, and bread are LOVED!!!!! I am a TRUE Sommers. I love them both equally.

Right now, I am dying about the chocolate. And you know, Satan really does know how to pack a punch. Not more than 2 days after I signed my life away on that pink piece of paper, my amish neighbor sent home a plate of chocolate whoopie pies with me for my family. ARE YOU KIDDING?????? I wanted to say to her, but I just smiled and said, "Thank you so much!"

I secretly put one away in the freezer just for me, AFTER Easter.

But, the moral of this really is......I should've started giving something up LONG AGO for Lent. Every time I see something chocolate and I feel tempted, I say a little prayer. It has really made me accountable.

I'm glad I decided to do it, even if it was on a whim.

My husband, however did not write anything down on his little pink piece of paper. I'll leave you to your own conclusions about the Brentster.

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