Saturday, March 27, 2010

Spring is here?

I started out the day with an imaginary to-do list in my head. Because it was going to be a somewhat sunny/warmish day, I wanted to get some outside chores done. This was the first Saturday without an Upwards basketball game, and we could FINALLY get something accomplished.
So, I started out with some clean laundry.

Nothing smells quite as good as some freshly dried, sunshine filled laundry. Even if it does reside on two John Deere green clothesline posts which my hubby thinks are divine. Please!
Next I put on my new boots...

Cute dontcha think?
And decided to get rid of the field stones that have been lining all my flower beds since we moved in in 2006.

This required a little help from the little people living in our house!

I wish I could say this task was done quickly, but I think we took at least 4 loads of rocks/weeds back to the ditch. Evan told me, "Mom, I love helping you when it means I'll get money." I guess his priorities are set, huh?

My wonderful hubby also put out my cold frame that he made me last year. I'm totally ready to get my seedlings growing in the basement out to this frame in the next month.

After he put out the cold frame, Brent rolled the lawn, and then Grace, Brent, and I spread out the chicken manure from the hen house in the garden. This proved to be a highly STINKY job. Seriously. I've never smelled worse. We were in the thick of it. I can't believe how much manure 23 chickens produce!

I had noticed earlier in the week that our neighbors have already planted their lettuce and peas, so I asked if Brent could till up the garden. First he told me to stop looking at what the neighbors are doing, and then he said ok.

I've never loved him more. Just look at that dirt getting moist and fluffy.

Literally about 3 minutes after this picture was taken, the tiller BROKE!!!! UGH! Are you kidding me?

So, we have piles of chicken manure all throughout the garden, ready to be tilled under. I am anxious to plant my peas and lettuce. My hands are itching to get in the dirt.

So, I weeded all the flower beds around the house, and moved some plants around, and noticed how big my irises are getting.

I just can't wait until they bloom. I'm tired of this pasty looking landscape, I'm ready for the flowers. Bring on the flowers!

So, today overall was a good day. We were outside all day, and Brent and I even got some red cheeks from the sun.

All the plants popping through the dirt are making me excited. Is Spring really here?


  1. Gosh, you have been a busy bee today! Why don't you come over and help me work outside, too? :) Can't wait for the warmer weather next week!

  2. Looking at these pics is like my life story about 30yrs. ago! Many hands make the load a bit lighter and adds good family time together...Rest well tonight!

  3. Are your boots from Aldi's??? I LOVE them. I saw them in the flyer and thought 'I HAVE to have them.' and then just never got over there to pick them up. SO cute!! :)


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