Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Road Less Traveled

My road really is less traveled. It's TRULY a dirt road. Not because we want it to be, but because the County has forgotten about us. We've had these ruts in the road for a couple months now..

Not just baby ruts, but bury your car in ruts. ALL OVER THE ROAD. I think we're on the County's hit list, actually. All winter long, when it snows and drifts, our road gets drifted shut. One of the five of us on the road, calls the County, begging to have our road plowed. We have to do this about everyday until they actually bring the big orange trucks down the road. Hence, the Hit List.

So, the ruts in the road, we've had to get used to. Just don't come flying down our road, thinking it's a shortcut to the next.

Anyway, where was I going with this........

Yesterday, this is the scene that greeted us on the way to school.

Really is a little eerie, considering this was at 9:30, AFTER our 2-hour delay. It still was this soupy. The weeds along the road were pretty though.

Too bad they are weeds!
The tour hour delay, however, allowed me some extra time to get Ev's friend party invitations finished so he could pass them out at school.
He's inviting 3 friends over next Saturday after his Upwards basketball game. He asked me ever so nicely the other night, "Mama, (he calls me this because, and these are his words, Mom is just a little boring, so I want to call you Mama!) I know that I had a Sonic birthday party when Grandma and Grandpa came, but can I have one with my friends too?" How can I say no, when "Mama" is thrown into the conversation.
Now, I love my kids dearly, but the choices they pick for birthday themes get harder and harder every year. They both have the uncanny knack for picking characters for their parties that were either, popular a couple years ago, so they are no longer in the store, OR, characters that they don't make birthday party favors for. SOOOOOO I'll have to draw Sonic on his birthday cake again, and that's why I had to whip up something for his invitations.
He's thrilled by the way!
I also had some time with the 2-hour delay to get my seed starting supplies ready.
I laid out all the seeds that I would be starting in the basement.
and the seed starting mixture and make-shift pots.

Now, this is the plant that my family continues to make fun of me for.
I ALWAYS plant too many of these and have zucchinis coming out of my ears all summer. I'll go out one day, and there will be tiny zucchinis growing, and the next day, they have grown to the size of baseball bats! We love to use zucchini for bread, muffins, chocolate cake, and just to eat fried with Ranch dressing. (YUM) I have a irrational fear that the plants will not produce enough zucchini for my needs, so I over plant. I VOW to not do that this year. I promise.

This is the seed I haven't planted for awhile, because it seems to have the same effect.

The Brentster is the only one in the family who really likes these. They are ok on little sandwiches, but to eat them plain, no thanks. So, there will only be one plant of these in my garden, but that plant will produce what seems like THOUSANDS of cucumbers.

This is going to be new to my garden this year.

I plan on making pesto and freezing it.

I didn't actually have time to start the seeds yesterday morning, that's on my to-do list for this weekend. I am getting very excited. The warm sun makes me motivated to get this project underway.


  1. I JUST got my seed catalogs in the mail on friday. They're SO overwhelming. There is like 40 different kinds of tomatoes to choose from! I loved flipping through the pages!! Do you ever order flowers from them? Love your new background! :) So Vintagey!!

  2. since I've been eating Yoder eggs I have a stange urge to buy windows for the house. Who knows what I'll want to do in a week.CJB


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