Wednesday, March 10, 2010

He is in all things

We're trying to teach our children the "right" way to pray. This has become a challenge.
It's not that our kids are "bad" pray-ers, it's just that there is too much "I" in their prayers.
We tell them, "Talk to Jesus like he's your friend." They seem to not be able to grasp this concept quite yet.
So, this is on my heart alot. How can you TEACH someone to pray?
I find myself praying alot throughout the day, some more than others. I pray when I lose something, and then again I pray a thank you when I find it. I pray for my co-workers, my family, my kids, etc.
When I drive to school, I'm praying for the day, and today, I was looking at the clouds. I kept stopping on the road to take pictures, and the kids were dumbfounded.
This is the first view I saw this morning...

Hello day! This warm weather, by the way, is making me very excited and ready for spring.
Here's another one I saw on my journey to school. It looks like a miniature sand castle.

I saw this one on the way home from school.

The rays scream "I AM GOD!"

And lastly, this I saw on the way to church tonight.

Looks a little like an explosion.

I truly believe God is in all things. I hope you notice it too!


  1. God continually tries to impress us. He says "look what I can do!". Great pics Lorie

  2. Prayer is definitely a skill that gets better with practice. It didn't come very naturally for our boys at first, but they are improving.


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