Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Cheap Entertainment

This past Saturday was a good Goodwill day. I picked up some random things...and this.

I didn't know how or if this would fly with my two "cool" kids. This might be beneath them, what with all their "electronic knowledge" and all, but it was only $5, and I had a coupon for $5 off, so it was practically free with the other stuff I bought.

I had to buy my own ping pong balls, but at $1.79 for 5, that was peanuts.

We came home from our shopping extravaganza, and play began.

(sorry for the terribly dark pic!)

I was really quite surprised how they took to the game.
BUT, since they both are quite competitive, it shouldn't have surprised me so much.

Play went on for at least an hour, and even Brent got involved.

At one point Grace heard Evan say, "This is more fun than my DS!" Really? The boy whose DS I have to literally HIDE because he would play it for hours if I let him? Really?

I guess I'm glad. At times, however, the play becomes so involved, shirts start flying to the floor (boys only, that is). I didn't realize we had such competition going on.

Because of this, there is often times of hilarity or hysteria if you'd like to call it that.

And often times if just plain ornery-ness.

Balls have been broken, and some have been stolen by the cat if they fly anywhere near her vicinity.

I'm glad I bought this, however. I'm sure the novelty will wear off soon, but coming from a house that has no Wii or Playstation, or Atari, or XBox, we have to be creative with our entertainment. Especially since it seems like it's done nothing but rain for the last week (literally. I'm surprised we're not all drowning!)

How are your children spending their time?


  1. I love it when I hear stories of children really playing.

    It seems kids these days have lost that ability somewhat.

    My friend bought the old version of mastermind, and her kids love it.

    Maybe you should by more "old" games. LOL

  2. Nothing amazes me more then to see what happens when the electronics are put away. And sometimes they are because your boy sounds a lot like mine! : )

    We tossed a nerf ball around the house as kids with my dad...it was the best fun ever, and made memories that will last forever.

  3. I totally had a flashback to you and I playing table ping pong. Are you surprised your kids love it too?

  4. I too had a flashback when I saw this game...looked to see if it was the old box I had gotten rid of you & Jen played with at that age...ha ha....This is one of the reasons when I had all 5 grandchildren at once, we would have NO Battery Night...all play was creative & off the cuff. Very funny at that! Never miss a moment to live in the past....it is good for the soul & for the kiddos to tuck away memories for the future. How many games have you won Lorie??......

  5. What a fun find! The kids look like they are having a blast.

  6. Awesome FUN! I want one! Just posted about Jack's fun. We have no electronics. Only bikes, basketball, riding lawn mowers w/blades removed, old movies, haylofts n critters. Every time I buy my kids a cool game they lose the pieces or abandon it in the tall grass so I've about given up 'til they're older!
    Wishing you and your family a beautiful and blessed Easter!

  7. I'm very worried about that shelf behind Evan. Just saying.


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