Friday, April 15, 2011

Significance of a name

When I chose the name for my blog, I thought of two words of great significance to me. Vintage and Country.

It's obvious where the "country" came from...I grew up in the country on a pig farm, moved away, and came right back to where I started from. I guess you could say I've come full circle.

That alone was not an easy decision to make. Growing up on a farm in a very small town made me want to NOT live on a farm in a very small town. However, I married a man whose only desire WAS to live on a farm, and he reminded me about that all the time. I guess it eventually sunk in, cause 8 years after we got married, we bought land from my uncle, and put a house on 3 acres smack dab in the middle of a field. Except for the fact that I miss being "closer" to everything, I wouldn't move back to town for anything. I like my privacy, and I like the wide open spaces.

My thought process totally changed when I had kids. I wanted them to know what it was like to live with animals, and run around in a yard bigger than a postage stamp. I wanted a garden, and I wanted no one to look at me when I walked out my back door. I got all that and more.

The "vintage" is truly me. When I looked up the word in the dictionary, this is the definition I found... vintage: of old, recognized, and enduring interest, importance, or quality. :Classic, outmoded, old-fashioned.

I like old fashioned, classic, and chippy things. Anything that's already had a story before it found it's way to me. I would rather use an old toy refrigerator for my spices than a plain, new spice rack.

I would rather give a pair of old drapes with a catchy pattern new life as a purse, than have a shiny, plastic looking, generic bag on my arm.

I would rather keep the naked little doll I had as a 4 year old (with a funny story behind it)

than buy a new "reproduction" of one.

My house is full of "old-fashioned" things that many might turn their nose up at, but to me, all those things are beautiful.

They represent ME. Call me old-fashioned I guess, and don't get me wrong, I'll follow a trend like anyone else, but only if it's a good one. You won't catch me sportin' legwarmers just because someone in Hollywood is.

You'll most often find me with my rubber boots on in the garden or flowerbed.

I'll continue to make my own jam, and freeze and can vegetables and fruit. I'll continue to grow a large garden and hang up my clothes on the clothesline my husband put up one year for me for Mother's day.

I'll hang up a framed box top of my favorite childhood art supplies

and use old pharmacy containers for purposes other than what they're intended for.

I will be a "vintage country girl" even when it may no longer be cool. I am what I am. And I like it that way.

Tonight I'm linking up to Verde Farm's farm friend/Farmgirl friday party. Come and join me.


  1. Cutest animals EVER! I think I'm needing a lesson in canning jam. Never done it, and am intrigued!

  2. Ok first, I LOVE that you framed a Spirograph box cover! I got one for my 5th birthday, I was sooo excited to draw with those little pieces of plastic and the colored pens!

    I must admit, I too didn't find my "country" right away... I thought I was many things but now I know I'm country, chippy, rusty, cottage-y, painted and non-painted wood, dirt and boots and slip covered furniture! But I guess one is never too old to find themselves :)


    PS... if I lived closer you may have to look up that baby lamb... it is ADORABLE!!

  3. I love your spice rack! So adorable. I also like that you are always changing things around in your home. You have done many creative and new things in your home since I first got to know you. Everything looks great!

  4. I love the way you've found new uses for old items and given them a new life. I certainly agree that I would never want to live in the city (or a town) ever again.


  5. I love how you store your spices. You always seem to find a terrific new purpose for old things. I like things with history too. One of the biggest arguments in our house was about the kitchen table and - I wanted an old beat up one and hubby didn't see it.... he won that argument.


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