Friday, April 8, 2011


Two blogs, Fun to craft, and The Shabby Chic Cottage have linky parties going on, showcasing crafty stuff, so I'm linking up to both, and maybe some more!
After Grace and I knocked out most of the rest of my Spring Break to-do list today, I sat down at my sewing machine and got to work.

I wanted to make some pillow covers for my pillows in the living room. Something that looked a little more spring/summerish. I also wanted to try my hand at another purse. What, you're rolling your eyes....another purse...give me a break! But I just wanted to perfect some of the ideas rolling around in my head.

Since I got my new sewing machine at Christmas, I've cranked out 5 purses.
They've all been a little different, and each time, I improved something just a little. Today I started with this. Some of my favorite material that just happens to be from a drape I found at an antique store 2 years ago. It's soft beyond belief and I love the pattern on it. I also got out 5 yards of some burlap/canvas material. First I made some straps with red thread detail. Then I got to work on the interior pockets. You CAN'T have enough pockets. I made 7 in all.

I've been using my zig zag stitch option A LOT lately. I 'm not sure why. On my 60 year old machine, it wasn't an option. I think it makes me feel like things are held a little more securely.

See, the material really is great.

Once the interior was done, I sewed it all together, and made a squared off bottom (my new favorite thing) and added the straps to the top.

And what is becoming my signature rose I'm afraid.

So, here's the final product.

I absolutely love it. The straps don't slide off my shoulders, and the fabric was just what I was looking for, and it has plenty of pockets. I will be using this one for awhile. (I hope.)

So, after the purse was out of the way, I started in on my pillow covers. I used the same burlap/canvas material. I made all of them with a folded over back so all I have to do is slip it off and wash it if the pillow gets dirty.

I know pillows don't mean diddly to my husband or kids, but when I see pillows in the store for $25+ it makes me sick. Especially since I know I can try to make something similar.

I'm trying to lighten up my living room in small doses, so I wanted all these to be the same light material, but slightly different.

First I hemmed the edges of the folded over back.

Turned the material wrong side out, and sewed them together. I added little bits of scraps from my other projects, and they came out like this.

The pillows by far were the less time-consuming, but I had fun with the purse too.

I'm glad I sat down to tackle this today.

I'm linking up to Fun to Craft

the Shabby Chic Cottage. and Paisley Passions

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Seriously girl - wish you would send some of your crafty vibes my way. I love that curtain fabric - but sadly I probably would have walked right by it in the store and not even have thought of repurposing it. I'm going to have to do a better job of keeping my eyes open when thrifting. Your pillows and your purse came out great. You should think of opening an etsy store.

    I'm going to try my hand at making some of your roses. I bought some fabric at JoAnne's Wednesday in the clearance bin. I'm just putting it off b/c the last time I did a craft that involved fabric and my glue gun.... well it wasn't pretty. My fingers did not thank me for that craft.

  2. you are awesome! Im glad I know you:)

  3. I can't wait until you open a shop! LOVE it all!


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