Monday, April 25, 2011

Eureka with a window

Remember these windows?

Brent, ah, my adoring husband Brent (he says I never say nice things about him...) brought about 10 of these home for me from a job site one day. (Gotta love other people's trash!)

I framed some pictures with some, and hung some maps behind others.(Check out my projects label)

This past weekend, I decided Grace needed another one in her room.

You see, before when we did her whole room redo (Paris theme) I made her this window collage.

I loved it so much, I thought she needed a bulletin board/picture holder thingy. (Yep, thingy is the appropriate word.)

I got my inspiration from one of my favorite blogs....farmgirlpaints. She posted (and I can't find her exact post about this)about this wonderful frame/picture collage she made.

She mounted chicken wire to the back and hung the pictures with adorable little clothespins.

I couldn't find the right frame (believe me, I've looked) and I knew I had some windows in the basement, so I put two and two together and came up with my own version.

First I went to the basement with a hammer, fully intending to bust out all the panes in the window. This both exhilerated me and freaked me out at the same time. Since we have cement floors in the basement, I knew I could clean it up, but wailing away at the glass with my tiny hammer just scared me to death. I was sure I was gonna walk upstairs with a million glass fragments in my face or something. (nothing this major happened by the way.)

Once all the panes were out, and the glass was cleared from the frame, it looked like this...

and was way lighter!

I added the galvanized wire to the back by just tacking some small nails in, wrapping the wire around them, and bending the nail over to secure the wire. Not very scientific I know, but it worked.

Then I attached some dark brown ribbon to the top to hang and started adding some of Grace's favorite things, attaching with little wooden clothespins I found in the craft section at Walmart.
She liked it, and you know it's all about what she likes, and what I can live with! At least this way, she can change it up whenever she likes.

I'm linking up to the craftskeepmesane linky party for Monday to share my project. Just try it, anyone can do it!

and dittle dattle amaze me Monday.


  1. Too funny! I bought some chicken wire this weekend to work on changing a window into a bulletin board. Great minds think alike I guess! I was wondering where to find the little clothes pins and now I know! Thanks!

  2. Brilliant! You wouldn't mind stashing away an extra window frame for your Sis who's coming to visit soon (on her birthday, hint, hint!)

  3. Say, it never occured to me to ask before, but... Did Brent just bring them home because he knew you would love them or what?

    If so, I think it's so neat that he knows you so well and that you were on his mind.

  4. My wonderful husband DID bring them home because he knew I loved them.


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