Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Best purchase EVAH!

While I'm in the middle of baking cookies for teachers (last week of school gifts), preparing my grocery list for tomorrow night, and getting final teacher thank you's around, I thought I'd share my most favorite kid purchase to date.

No joke.

Kept my two, boy and girl, 13 mo. difference in ages, at your throat most of the time, playful, yet drives me sometimes crazy, kids busy for 3 hours.


Couldn't believe it myself.

You see, the weather here in Northern Indiana has been less than ideal lately. It has been a rainy, cool spring, and Sunday was pretty steamy. We were getting ready to get hit by another storm, and the humidity level was rising. (NOT a good hair day for me today...natural curly/wavy hair DOES NOT do well in this type of weather.) (I felt like bozo the clown at my cousin's graduation open house today...but that's beside the point!)

Back to the point.

I haven't seen my kids this excited in a long time.

Evan carried the box around Target the whole time we were shopping.

So, we got home, had to do chores before we set it up, and then got down to business.

Now, it DOES NOT look like the front of the package. It's not that pretty. And until we figured it out, the water rising up over the side in a graceful arch while you slide, was not as high as it showed on the box.

First instruction was to wet the slide before sliding.

I'm not sure what Grace thought she was doing, but I guess KICKING the water all over it was her idea of getting it wet.

(Please also excuse my children's abnormally white bodies. It's been a cool, wet spring people!)

Evan wasted NO TIME in getting right down to business. (also excuse our very long grass. It was soon taken care of after this picture was taken.)

Running as far and as fast as you could TO the slide was the goal.

Unbridled laughter was heard from the Yoder backyard for miles around.

When the sliding was over and the little pool like thing at the end of the slide filled up with water, it became a polly pocket ocean paradise.

Even Evan got in on the action. (I guess if you call throwing his sister's polly pockets high into the air playing.) Oh well, at least there was no fighting.

So, I'd highly recommend this to anyone who has a decent sized yard, and some pretty bored kids. It was a highlight.

I'm sure it will be used more when it gets warmer again.


  1. I was thinking of getting a slip and slide for WeeMan but I'm not sure he's old enough to appreciate the fun to be had with it yet. We'll probably stick with the wading pool for another summer. But I'll be looking for one of those on clearance after summer!

  2. Ooooh we love our slip n slide but also recommend the "crazy daisy" for smaller kids. It's a sprinkler/flower that wobbles and sprays unpredictably, keepin kids laughin a long time. Have found two at Goodwill already! Course now we also have our cheap intex pool set up- but as usual I can't seem to get pump n chems workin right to fight off all this farm dirt (and greenies). ;-P
    Happy Summer!


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