Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Worker Bees

Memorial Day was busy for us. We worked like dogs.

We mowed, Brent ran the weed-whacker, I weeded the flower beds and added Preen (first time I've ever used the stuff), fed the baby lamb with a bottle 4 times, did the chores, raked the yard (since the grass was so long from MORE rain,) and finished the chair project I've been wanting to finish for a couple weeks.

We were tired, and SORE, and treated ourselves to a night out to eat since we were too tired to grill like every other American probably did yesterday.

We also went to visit my grandparents, and had a good couple of hours with them.

BUT, the project I wanted to show you is finally done.

A couple of weeks ago at a 50% off Goodwill sale, I picked up this rocking chair for the porch for $7.50.

Yeah, it needed work. It was badly faded, and needed some TLC.

So, I got out my favorite can of espresso spray paint and went to town.

I used a shower curtain from Walmart that I got on clearance a couple months ago. I heard somewhere that someone did this for an outdoor cushion. Since shower curtains are good for showers, why wouldn't they be good for outdoor furniture?

Both of the covers for the chair were slip covers, so I just used the old as my pattern and came up with one that fit.

Maybe not the prettiest chair you've ever seen, but it works on the porch, AND it's pretty comfortable!

Oh, and by the way, as a side note: My most favorite of flowers is blooming. In fact, while I was weeding my flower beds, I saw it, and screamed out with delight. (really, it happened.) Peonies. Beautiful. That's all I'm gonna say.

Hope you all had a very beautiful and productive, and meditative weekend.

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  1. Glad you got so much done.We have a little yard work to do so Id better get to it.


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