Friday, May 6, 2011

Easter Lambs

How fitting that on Easter Sunday 2 weeks ago, we had six baby lambs born. It was quite a treat to come home from our Easter dinner with family to see we had some little ones out in the pasture.

Our oldest ewe, Lambchop, had only one this year.

Two other ewes had twins,

One was born with a black mark under his lip, (looks like he's wearing black lipstick.) Grace appropriately named him Licorice.
Marley kept watch all day and tried his best not to pace around.

If he got too close to a baby, the mother head-butted him away. He's learning his place among the sheep.
Unfortunately one of our first year ewes had a stillborn.

BUT today our last ewe, Lily, had TRIPLETS. We've never had one that had three before.

They are all pretty weak. We hope they all pull through. It's terrible when one dies.

But for now, we have 6 ewes and 9 babies. We have a full pasture...but aren't they cute?

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  1. They're beautiful. Makes me wish for a farm and lambs for WeeMan to play among.

    Hope you have a Happy Mother's Day. I'll be rooting for those triplets.

  2. oh my goodness those pictures are the cutest things I've ever seen! I keep thinking I'd like sheep and your post is making me all swoony! I sincerely hope all the littles grow to be strong and healthy and just as precious as ever!

  3. Beautiful. In the future, you can attempt (if necessary) to take one of the triplets and have another ewe "foster" or raise it as her own. There's a process of swapping "scents", but it will work at times, especially for a ewe that lost their only lamb...she'll be happy raising another. The key is to do it immediately, as scents are established. Enjoy your little ones ~ they are beautiful. Marley too~!

  4. They are so sweet...Marley id pretty cute too.

  5. I am so in love with sheep and goats. All my friends have several of each. I wish I could have them here, but the jack russels just aren't ready for that yet. Your pictures are so adorable. I just want to scratch somebody's little ear. Debi


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