Friday, May 13, 2011

Prairie Livin'

I went on a field trip with Evan today.

We transported ourselves back to 1836. We visited Conner Prairie near Indianapolis, IN.

Of course as soon as our bus deposited us at the front gate, he and his friends took off running!

Our first stop...can you believe it...was the gift shop. (We only had an hour and a half to see what we wanted before lunch and then an hour and a half presentation.)

After we shopped awhile, and took in all the OVERPRICED "prairie" tokens (which actually had labels saying MADE IN CHINA), we went to the museum.

We saw cannons,


and wagons. I can't imagine the wagons....transporting everything you owned across country, or wherever you were going.

Once outside we saw the Conner homestead, but couldn't go inside because we were short on time.

We walked right into a barn where animals were roaming freely. Lambs, goats, and even cows. We fell in love with this baby calf.

And then met an oxen outside. Evan told me he was really soft and friendly. I'll take his word for it.

Once in Prairie Town,

we visited the Blacksmith,

and the Inn. We didn't get to go inside many of the places at all, we were so crunched for time. It was pretty disappointing. I would've liked to see inside. Course we were walking around with 5 other boys, and what boy wants to look at decorations and interiors?

After lunch we went with Evan's whole class to a presentation about chores. We sat in the HOTTEST building on the campus I think that also, coincidentally enough, had a fire roaring in the fireplace. No windows open, 23 kids, 14 parents. (Can you imagine our discomfort????)

The kids took turns adding ingredients to make cornbread over the fire, and then they each took a turn churning butter...

which never set up because it was so hot and humid in the room.

Finally they released us to the porch, (literally. We felt like prisoners inside a heat box!) The kids made their own candles, which they dipped into 200 degree boiling wax, and then it was

time to get on the bus and go back home.

We had a good, long, exhausting day. I wish we had more time to tour on our own, but Evan liked it, and rated it #3 on his best field trip list. (Trip to the zoo in first grade got the #1 spot.)

I liked my glimpse of Prairie living. I liked the homemade cornbread and butter, but let's be honest, I don't know what I would do without my central air!

I had a day spent with my son, though, and it was great!


  1. I Love Conner Prairie. Highly recommend going back in the summer when you can spend the whole day wandering. They also do terrific concerts on the prairie with the Indianapolis Symphony - it's all right outside and you take blankets to sit on. You can buy discount tickets at Marsh. I think the regular price tickets are around $22. The fourth of July one is probably more. We're going in August for the music of Billy Joel and Elton John. Hubby is a huge Billy Joel fan.

    Our last day of school is May 31. (The day after Memorial Day - not sure what they thing think the kiddos are going to learn!)

  2. I Love Conner Prairie too! I went with Emma on her school field trip in the dead of winter. That was also mighty uncomfortable. Our new neighbor works there and just have us free tickets and passes for the balloon ride too. I'm so excited to go without having to look after 10 other kids!

  3. I remember taking my kids on those field trips. Conner Prairie, new to me. I'll google that today and check it out. I loved the pictures. It looked like a great sunny day. Animals are always a hit on any field trip. Debi


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