Thursday, May 26, 2011

Truth Thursday....A night off.

We had a baseball AND softball game cancelled tonight due to rain. (3 inches in 2 days.) I have to say...I was RELIEVED! (but I feel like we're living in Seattle or something...don't get me wrong, I've always wanted to visit...but I once heard the quote, "It rains 9 months out of the year in Seattle!")

So, because of the cancellations, I have a night off, and since it's raining, I have a good reason to cuddle up and check on my to-do list for summer, (Our last day of school is tomorrow!) (dancin' a little jig right now.) and read some of my favorite magazines.

My creative juices have been flowing lately, with no where to go and no time to do it in. I plan on hittin' up my craft/decorating binder for some ideas.
It's time to change stuff up again. Evan needs a room redo. His has been neglected for so long now, and at the age of 10, it's time to "teen" it up a bit.

I saw this on and liked the pendant valances above the window.

I thought if I couldn't find any pendants anywhere for a reasonable price, I would take some of his old t-shirts and make my own.

He's also very much into baseball, so I thought I'd somehow put his favorite (same as his b-day and what's on his uniform this year) #12 up on the wall.

(courtesy pottery barn teen mag.)

I also have some picture frames to paint, Living Room curtains to sew, tissue flowers to construct for Grace's room

an outdoor chair from a 50% off Goodwill sale to transform, and much, much more.

I also might need to reconstruct some damage that was done to my garden last night at 2am. (Not from a storm or anything...but from some cows... this only happens in the country...)

You see, our amish neighbor's cows got out again...and traveled down the road to our house and proceeded to wake our dog, and cause her to have a barking frenzy. They also cut 2 of our new trees in half, stomped through our newly planted corn, ate a lot of our onions, trampled some of my strawberries, tender watermelon, peppers, and tomatoes. Since it's so wet, and our garden is so soggy, their hoof impressions are totally obvious!

If I would've had all my faculties at 2am, I would've went out and scared them off only to save my garden and trees.

Makes me mad. Really mad.

So, as Memorial Day approaches, my wheels are spinnin' and I have much to do. I can't wait.


Stacey at asortoffairytale (link to her post in my sidebar) and I have something cooked up, and we're planning to show you soon, so keep watchin'.


  1. just found ur it!

  2. It's from Sleepless in Seattle! Do I win a prize? ;) sorry about your garden! It sounds like it's time for some cows to become nice juicy steaks. :)


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