Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Mother's Love

Mother's Day turned out to be a beautiful day. Really. It was sunny and warm. A combination that hasn't happened here for a good long while.

After church, we decided to invite our friends over for supper (our first grilling out this year) and a campfire. (Smores made with Reese's instead of chocolate bars...TO DIE FOR!)

We ended up having a kickball showdown and really good food. The mothers (me and my friend) sat on the sidelines and talked and sometimes cheered, and that was enough.

It was a good night.

But let me go back.... I told you last Friday that we had one ewe who had triplets. They were all a little weak, and we weren't sure if they were going to make it or not. Sadly enough, one died, and because Marley our dog licked another one, (and got the dog's scent on it) our ewe won't accept it. She's only feeding the one. So, Grace became a mother overnight.

Much to her joy and dismay.

He really is an adorable little ram, and he follows her everywhere. She named him Bubba. Evan named him Wags (cause his tail wags when he eats).

Brent and Grace are taking turns feeding it with a bottle every couple of hours. He's quite a novelty now, but already it's getting old, and this has to go on for at least a month.

But just look at him!

While this little one attaches himself to Grace, we're hoping he'll learn everything from his buddies in the pasture with him. We all laughed when Brent said, "He'll have to learn to eat grass from the others, because Grace surely isn't gonna show him!"

I don't know...Mothers tend to do a lot for their kids!

Hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day too!


  1. What a wonderful learning experience for the kids, especially Grace! An eye opener she won't soon forget. So sad to hear one didn't make it, but I'm learning, this is part of country life.

  2. What a cutie! I didn't know that a mama wouldn't feed her baby after something like that... and so sad to hear that one didn't make it. Like Andrea said above, it will certainly be a learning experience!

    Happy to hear you had a wonderful Mother's Day, weather and all.


    PS I'll be trying the Reese's for S'mores the next time we make them!

  3. What a luckly lamb to have Grace for a mama. Keep up the good work, girl. (And take a few extra naps too.) It sounds like something "Fern" from Charlotte's Web would do. And we've always thought you looked just like her.

    Those s'mores sure sound tempting!

  4. I bet Grace is making a wonderful mama. How many days of school left for you? We're down to 14... and they seem to be going slower now.

    I wonder how many points WeightWatchers would give to one of your smores - because I think it sounds fantastic. I bet it would be worth every single point.


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