Monday, September 19, 2011

Housing a Tween

Grace has inherited her decorating ADD from me.

She gets it honest.

Often she will say, "Can we change my room around today?" And while I would LOVE to every time she asks, we're honestly running out of ways her room can go.

However, for awhile now, we've been talking about changing the color.

She asked about it this weekend, and since Menards was running a sale on paint, I said, "Sure, why not!"

Her room has been purple for about 3 years now. It's also in the last 6 years we've lived here been green, and then blue.

We like to change things up around here!

This is the purple BEFORE.
It was purpley (sp?). Really purple. It was ok for awhile. But she was kinda growing out of it.

She'll be 12 in January. Yikes!

Her tastes are evolving quite rapidly. It's all about Paris, and fashion, and movie stars.

I guess I can remember what that was like oh, so long ago.

Since her bedding is adorable, and full of colors, we decided to stick with a color that matched that.

Shy Turquoise from Dutch Boy was what we came up with.

It was a pretty quick project. I trimmed out the walls, and she used the roller. Evan played in his room with Lego's the whole time.

Worked for us.

This is how it turned out. Some walls look darker than others since there was an abundance of light when I took the pictures.

(bedspread...Meijer, Paris window, purple rug...Target)

I have to say, I love all the details in her room.

Even the poster wall, that I remember drove my mom nuts. It's making me feel the same way...but after all, it IS her room.

I like it. She likes it. That's all that matters, right?!


  1. I found your blog while blog hopping today

    This is adorable and perfect for a tween. My daughter was 12 when my sister repainted her room. It has pink and white stripes and reminds everyone of a ice-cream parlor. I love the wall color. wow! When we were leaving a mall, about 10 miles from where we live, we saw Justin Bieber. My daughter wanted to run out of the car but she didn't. Luckily she isn't a huge fan or she would have been hyperventating, like most of her friends.

    I love your blog background too. Katharine

    If you want to see my daughter's room here it is.

  2. Sooo clean n bright! That's my daughter's new fav color too (tho we have it in her bath so hope I don't have to repaint quite yet). I admire your energy and willingness to knock it out so fast! Just don't give my daughter any ideas! ;-)


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