Thursday, September 1, 2011

Did I fall into the plot of a story?

At school we read this book every year.
It's a wonderful book. I read it to my own children when they were small and they loved it.
It's all about a mouse who is given a cookie, and while he's eating that cookie, it reminds him of something else, which reminds him of something else, which goes on and on until he is once again reminded about a cookie.

It's hilarious.

It totally reminds me of how distracted/absentminded/scattered I can get when I have alot to do.

It all started with a project I wanted to show you tonight. It has to do with an ornamental -looking frame, a bulletin board, and a picture from Pinterest which spurred it all.

However, when I was in the basement spray-painting the frame, it reminded me that I needed to go upstairs and check the canner of tomatoes I had going on the stove.

Once I was checking that, the sound of the washer in the laundry room reminded me that I needed to get some things folded from the dryer so that the load in the washer could go in there next.

That reminded me that Grace wanted to wear one of the shirts in the laundry, so I made a mental note to get that out so it was ready for her in the morning.

This reminded me that I hadn't picked out my clothes for the morning yet either, so I tracked back downstairs to my room to rifle through my drawers.

I found a pair of jeans that reminded me that I wanted to try to shorten them into capris. (Tried it, it looked ok, but decided it wasn't that great.)

Once I finished sewing that, it reminded me that I wanted to organize the pile of fabric I had laying on the floor by my sewing machine. (I do need to do that this weekend.)

Folding the pile of fabric reminded me that the towels in the dryer, which I had folded earlier, now needed to go in the kid's bathroom upstairs.

When I heard the timer on the stove go off to signal the canned tomatoes were finished "processing," I ran downstairs to turn off the heat, and saw that my camera was out on the countertop.

This reminded me that I had taken some before, during, and almost after pictures of the project I was originally going to show you tonight, but which isn't quite done because of all the things I talked about previously, which totally distracted me from what I had intended.

Whew. I don't know if you're tired reading this, but I'm tired just thinking about it.

So, needless to say, I'm feeling a little like the little mouse in the book above.

I will show you the frame/bulletin board project once it's finished, but not tonight.

Maybe tomorrow will be better!

Happy Labor Day Weekend!


  1. I love that story! I used to read it to my students lol!

  2. I have the same problem! My hubby swears it's adult ADD!

    Plus WeeMan loves that series of books. Right now his favorite is "If you give a pig a pancake"

  3. We love, and refer to, this book all the time. As we get into a project that becomes confused and convoluted, one of us will say to the other, "This cookie is getting awfully BIG."

    I picked up a similar book the other day at a thrift shop called "Henry's Big Mistake" It involves a goose hunting down an ant, and things get particularly out of hand ... especially once the hammer is brought out.

  4. I'm sorry sweet daughter, I may have passed this gene on to you as well. Or it may just be a girl thing, not completely sure......So true! My next problem is then shutting off the thoughts when I lay my head on my pillow to sleep. Looking forward to seeing the finished project. Enjoy the extra long weekend!! Don't labor too much on Labor Day....hugs.....


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