Thursday, September 15, 2011

Truth Thursday...It's come to this...

I can feel it in the air.

The crispness, the rustle of the leaves in the trees, the corn fields drying up all around us, it's time to get the fall decorations out.

Usually, Grace is the first one to tell me she's ready. But this year she hasn't. I'm not sure why.

We're already several weeks late getting them out. Usually when the last day of August hits, up they come from the basement.

Not this year. Volleyball and school have kept us busy. Today marks a little over a month since we started school.

I just haven't felt the desire to lug it all up from the basement yet. And the weather until recently has been too hot for fall.

However, it's time. Maybe this weekend.

So, I started collecting some pictures from Pinterest. If for any reason you're interested in seeing what I've got "pinned," you can click here.

These are my favorites in no particular order.

You just can't have fall decorating without bittersweet. I've got a spot along the road I go to each year. The kids think I'm nuts, but it's free!

For Mother's Day Brent made me a wagon similar to this, and so I might try something like this on my porch.

I figured, if the kids can paint pumpkins like they do every year, why can't I do the same?

Then I'd like to frame some of these for my shelves...

And lastly, these were just beautiful, and I couldn't help but pin them.
So, I'll drag my tired old body to the basement, and see what I can do with what I've got.


  1. I'm in love with the wagon and pumpkin set! It's fabulous!!! It would totally get me ready for this lovely time of year!!!

    Seeing as I just started my blog today I'm looking forward to all the new people I can meet! So, nice to meet you!!!

  2. I love those velvet pumpkins - what a great idea! And totally digging your blog background - swoonish :) XoL


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