Friday, October 28, 2011

For the love of a flower

Have you noticed how flowers are all the rage now?

Maybe they always have been, and I've just been outa the loop.

But they seem to be everywhere you look.

They are in home decor
and blankets.
They are even on front doors, (wreaths are mine)
They are on bags
and jewelry.
They even appear on swoony craft projects.
I've made many myself.  Including bobby pins (tutorial here) and flowers for wreaths and purses.

It's addicting.  You can use all sorts of media like material scraps, denim, felt, etc.

It's the new fad.  I didn't think at my age I would be back into the "in fads" but I guess this is a little different.

Go ahead, search all over Google, Etsy, Pinterest, and any blogs you may like.  Everyone is all about FLOWERS.

You know you want to be in the "in crowd" again.  Go for it!

Look for a GIVEAWAY in the near future.  It's coming.  I'm working on it now!

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  1. Yes I really do love this craft...maybe because it is so easy...and I love flowers even if they aren't the real thing! Thanks for sharing your ideas. Have a very good weekend. Hugs, Loretta


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