Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I need to change up the layout and color of my stairway picture frames.

I saw in a recent magazine a brialliant solution, but when I search for the picture online, I can't find it.

Summary:  mostly uniform colored frames, with some whimsical spray-painted colored frames thrown in.

I love these colors...

And have started to spray paint some and hang them. 

I even had this conversation with Grace the other day...."Mom, you gave Evan's picture the aqua-colored frame!  I AM the one who loves aqua!" 

Really?  Is is gonna come to this?

I'm picking up some mustard colored paint tonight for some other frames.

I'm thinking of some of these layouts...
And I'm diggin' the wrap around the corner look of these pictures.

I'll be tackling this project before our fall Sunday School party at our house this Saturday.

I want my stairway looking it's best!

I love the look of family pictures, showcasing my children throughout the years.

Does anyone have any ideas/links to share with me about layout for the stairway? 

Help a girl out!


  1. On my!!!
    I LOVE this idea! The colors are SO FUN!
    I kinda wanna steal it! ;)

  2. it's going to look great, love those colors! i think all the pics you posted have great layouts, so any one of those should work perfect for you!
    looking forward to seeing it...i'm doing some mirrors and pictures along my stairway too :)


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