Monday, October 17, 2011

Make the time

Make the time.

I certainly need to follow my own advice here.

I mean really.

At the top of my steps on a landing that could be a bedroom if walls were put up, is my craft room.

It's everything I want it to be, except it doesn't get used as much as I would like.

Everything is in order, everything is colorful, everything "spurns" creativity....but there just isn't enough time each day to get it used.

I'm sad about that.  Because more than anything, I would love to have time each day to use it.

Along with my role as mom, employee, PTO member, etc., I'm a scrapbooker.  I have been for years, but as life gets busier and busier, time to sit down and create gets harder and harder.

This is the scrapbook I use.  It's made by Making Memories and it's a 3 ring binder.  I LOVE it because you can get a lot of pages in it.  Problem is, I bought it at Target a couple years ago, and they don't sell it anymore.  Just my luck!

Yesterday, however, I sat down for a couple hours, and whipped out some pages.

When I say whipped, I mean whipped out as in quickly.  I'm not sure why I'm sharing some of these, they are not up to my usual standards, but I'm showing you as proof that I sat down and did something.

I'm a year behind with pictures, and that's another thing that makes me sad.  I don't mean I haven't taken pictures in a year, no, I take pictures almost everyday, but I'm a year behind in putting them in books.

So, without further ado, here is what I worked on.  (disclaimer...for some reason, the pics turned out kinda fuzzy.  Don't know if it was the lighting or the fact I didn't take the pages out of the plastic sleeves, or what...sorry.)

My kids had so much fun with their Grandparents the day they took them sledding!

Easter last year.  This might be the last time they every "search" for eggs.  They are getting so grown up.

Our life during the summer revolves around the baseball diamond.  This was a year ago, and already they are so much bigger, and much better players!
Evan's Sonic birthday party was a blast last year.
I try to only highlight the "major events" throughout the year, or else we'd have dozens and dozens of scrapbooks.  I keep a school book for each kid that is only about them, and then I have one family book that has everything else.

Since fall break, Thanksgiving, and Christmas break are around the corner, I know I'll get caught up, I usually do.

Moral of the story....TAKE time to do what you love.

I certainly need to heed my own advice.

Happy Monday!


  1. What a lovely post! You ~do~ have the different scrapbooks for the family, and that says a lot! I so envy you here. My pics are thrown in a box and I'm constantly putting in more and it is almost full. Where does the time go! It is difficult when other thing take precedent, huh? Have a good week! Love you, loretta

  2. Sooo cute! I love your pages! I've never been a scrapbook keeper (tho I started when Sarah was a newborn)... Still I take a ton of pics and collect the pretty papers so maybe I should try? Naaah! I have a long list of other projects waiting in *my* underused craft room. THANKS for the nudge!


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