Saturday, November 26, 2011

A happy accident

The other day when I was trying to put some things together for my giveaway (good till Sunday, Nov. 28) I stumbled upon something by accident.

I originally wanted to make some ornaments out of book pages, but when I started making some, I just didn't like them like I thought I would.

I got out some twine, some book pages, a hole punch, and tried something different.
This was the end result.  Book page garland.
Needless to say, THIS soon became part of the giveaway.  I'll show you how to make it, though.  It's easy, just takes a little time.

First, you'll need a hole punch, scissors, book pages, twine, and some tape (any kind will work.)
Cut some pages, the width of the paper.  Cut as wide as you'd like.  I think mine were about 3/4" thick.
Punch a hole on the end of each strip.
Next, pick one end of your length of twine (cut to desired length of garland...can be any length), and add tape to the end, since you will use this to thread through the holes punched in the pages.
On the other end of your twine length, tie a knot about 3 inches from the end.  This will be where your first paper "bow" will start.
Fold one strip of paper in half so the punched holes line up and thread the taped end of your twine through it.
Add as many of these folded over strips as you'd like, rotating their positions until you have a bow similar to this....
I don't know how many folded over pieces I used, but I just kept adding till it looked full.  The number is up to you.

Before you start another "bow", tie a knot where your bow ended.
Then tie another knot about 6 inches from the bow you just finished, and start another bow.

Repeat until your entire length of twine is filled with bows.
Now you're done. Add it to your tree, and stand back and bask in the brilliance of something so simple and cheap to make.
I'm sharing this homemade craft/gift over at Funky Junk Interior's Saturday Nite Special linky party. (click on the link below to visit.) And Shabby Art boutique.

Good luck with your garland.  Once you make some, you won't want to stop.


  1. Lovley Job :)
    and do not miss,,,,




    It is fun :)
    Håkan ( The Roseman)

  2. Cool!!! :-) Also like your pretty pink fingernail polish! HA!

  3. I need to go buy some old books at Goodwill. I keep seeing all these great book crafts... but I feel a little guilty cutting books up. It's a sad state of affairs!

  4. I love vintage book paper - I have to make this! Thanks for the tutorial.

    I'd love it if you could share this over on my Simply Christmas Inspiration Party at

  5. I love this! I am going to use this at home, I hope you don't mind. I love twine garlands of any kind and this is especially cute.
    Thanks for showing us how!

  6. what a great idea. It's so charming. you may have inspired my first bit of Christmas decorating!

  7. Loved this piece and all that you write. Love the polish too!!! You are such a neat and crafty lady!

    PS Love your laugh too!


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