Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Snow...and all that that entails.

Last night we had a bit of a winter storm.
The kids and I went to get groceries right after school, and drove home in the midst of it.  Scary stuff.  What normally takes us 20minutes to get home on back roads, took 1 hour on main roads.  I was about ready to kiss the ground when I drove in the garage.

This storm, however, led to a 2-hour delay this morning.
And I'm not complaining one bit about that extra sleep.

After I got the call about the delay I promptly went back to sleep, only to dream about a naughty 2nd grade amish boy I have at my recess everyday.  In the dream he not only got into trouble once, but three times on my watch.  (Was this a premonition for today?)

I had my morning breakfast (usually at 6am) at 7:30am instead.  It was nice to eat with the sun coming in the windows instead of the nightlight on the barn shining through them. 

An hour before the kids and I left, Brent calls to tell me this, and I quote, "They have plowed out the road at the end of ours, but not ours, so you'll need to time it right, and take a running start to get out onto the other road."    Really? Are you serious?  This, unfortunately is not surprising, our county NEVER plows out our gravel road.  Sad, but true.

The kids were very happy about the snow,though, and so was Rudy.

This is his favorite time of year.  Cooler weather, and fun in the snow.  He takes is guard duty seriously every night too, as he stuffs his body into our wicker chair on the porch.

I guess it's that time of year to realize...Winter really IS coming.  So it's time to get on board!


  1. that's a fair amount of snow!!! not to rub it in or anything, but we've GREEN GRASS here. our road is the same husband often has to plow us out with the tractor.

  2. It is so beautiful...I love snow! Of course, I would think that...we ~might~ get it once every 3yrs! I suppose when I moved it should have been further north. Happy Wednesday!
    Best Wishes,

  3. It looks beautiful! We really don't get much snow here since the Puget Sound really keeps us warmer along the coast... I do have to say, our schools would be closed with this much snow.... and plowing of roads is limited to just a few throughout the county. Not too many snowplows here :) And no road "salting" or deicing except for over the mountain passes... the Northwest is very much a "green area"... they actually tried a new product made from apple juice!

    A few years ago (2008 I believe) we got a lot of snow at Christmas all the way down into the Seattle area... fortunately all our vehicles were 4-wheel drive and our neighbor plowed the end of our driveway or we wouldn't even make it home WITH 4-wheel drive!

    Enjoy your beautiful winter view and late arrival!


  4. I love looking at the pictures of your snow and admiring it from a distance. Though I do have an order in for a White Christmas.

  5. Rudy looks precious.
    We had one snow day already, they cancelled school and everything! Then, last week it was like +14 (Celsius) .
    I don't feel Christmas-y yet with this mild weather, no decorations in sight!


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